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Tape à l’oeil

Client profile

Tape à l’oeil is a French ready-to-wear children’s clothing brand. In 2008, it had 185 stores, 125 of which were in France. 75% of these stores are its own branches and 25% franchises. The brand has established itself abroad in three directions: Central Europe, the Middle East and India.

Number of stores

Number of collections

Individual products (1)

Turnover in 2018 (2)

Source: (1) AC Franchise, (2) BFM TV Verif

The request

“We were looking for a SIMPLE, AGILE and DUPLICABLE tool that, above all, didn’t use up resources!!”

Walerand Dewavrin
E-commerce and Omnichannel Manager, Tape à l’oeil

Overall, we wanted:

  • To optimise our organisation and improve productivity and efficiency
  • A tool that could be duplicated for each web channel
  • The possibility of applying merchandising to each region
  • To manage our listed pages, ranking, search engine and cross selling in the same place

Solutions provided by Prediggo

“The ticket system set up for technical assistance is very well suited to our needs.” Thus, it is possible for ONE person to manage the e-merchandising of all webchannels on the same platform. The use of rules to manage campaign parameters allows for even greater efficiency gains: for example, by automatically increasing discounts during sales.

Technical assistance

Prediggo’s all-in-one solution was particularly well suited to TAO needs.


“A regular presence in the company. Ongoing availability. Attentive, effective listening.”


“The team is close to its clients and establishes a relationship of trust by respecting their commitments in terms of solutions and deadlines.”


“Specific, well adapted training.”



Productivity increase


The rules kick in automatically and are a real time saver.


Overall satisfaction

A very available team, ready to listen. A comprehensive, high-performance solution with a simple, adaptable tool.

Walerand Dewavrin

E-commerce and Omnichannel Manager, Tape à l'oeil

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