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AI-Powered Intelligent Search

Assist your visitors in their research.

Based on a unique technology, our search engine optimizes the experience of your users while multiplying your sales opportunities.

Prediggo Search
Powerful features

Your content displayed in any situation

Prediggo offers a range of tools that allow your products to be found quickly and efficiently.

Understanding and correction

Accent errors, spelling variants, letter inversions and other inaccuracies are a daily occurrence in search engine queries. Prediggo corrects them so your products can be found.


Intelligent Search understands and corrects user errors.


Intelligent Search is able to recognize terms even on a phonetic basis.


Expand the results displayed with all possible variations of a term.

It only takes a few characters for Intelligent Search to deliver relevant content to your visitors.
Prediggo Autocomplete in action


Keyword suggestions assist the user in his choice.


The relevant categories are automatically detected.


You can also display any type of related content such as banners.


The list of relevant products is displayed instantly.

Align search results with your business strategies.
The department in charge of sales decides on a strategy or a commercial offer. How can you be sure that your listings and search results match your expectations and reflect your strategies?
With Intelligent Search, there is no need to multiply landing pages. In a few clicks you can set up your search results and list pages according to your needs and business strategies.
Elimination of empty results

73% of users leave a site if they do not find the products they are looking for in less than 2 minutes. Intelligent Search drastically reduces the bounce rate related to empty results.

0-result-page SANS Prediggo
Prediggo's smart search engine
WITHOUT Intelligent Search, the visitor whose query does not return any results is faced with an empty page (0 result page). This diminishes the user experience and gives a bad image of your site. There is a great risk of losing the visitor before being able to offer him an alternative.
With Intelligent Search, your visitors are offered results with each interaction and you multiply your sales opportunities. In addition, you can control the results based on your offers or sales strategies.
Technology & Performance
A unique, high ROI solution
Intelligent Search puts research and development to work for your goals and growth.
True value creation*.


Increase long tail sales


Increased interactions via recos


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in basket value

Conversions after clicks on similar products


Decrease of the bounce rate on the list pages

Speed that makes a difference*.
It only takes a few milliseconds to make a good impression!
That’s less time than it takes for our search engine to display the list pages of your ecommerce site.
*Source: Prediggo – A/B tests with our customers
State of the art technology
Developed by the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of the EPFL, Prediggo technology assists your users throughout their journey.

Unlike most players in the market, our algorithms are not based on Solr or Elastic Search. Comparative tests have demonstrated the superiority of our solutions.

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