Advanced Personalization

With Prediggo, it has never been easier and faster to create a quality user experience and bring your ecommerce site to life.


The importance of personalization

Offer the right product to the right customer…

Prediggo’s algorithms enable a smooth and personalized shopping experience with 5X less data.


of Internet users wish to be assisted during their purchasing act*.


like to buy from brands that personalize their shopping experience*.


increase in conversion rate with personalization*.

WITHOUT personalization, the same content is displayed to your visitors whether or not it is adapted to their tastes or buying intentions.
Without Prediggo personalization
With Personalization, your site displays a universe and relevant products to each of your visitors.

Real-time profiling

A powerful technology

Based on over 12 years of research, Prediggo’s personalization algorithms have the following advantages
Prediggo Features

4X more sales

Our personalization and recommendation algorithms, properly implemented and configured, have resulted in a 4-fold increase in sales.

5X less data

It has been shown that our core personalization algorithm needs 5X less data than our competitors to perform equally well.
More relevance
In addition to sales, Prediggo also analyzes user paths, clicks and views to build a more consistent behavioral profile of your visitors.

More control

Prediggo’s algorithm can be driven. You can, for example, define your own business rules in order to obtain predictable results in line with your strategies.

The result

An improved user experience

Your visitors benefit from a path adapted to their concerns and feel close to your brand or your offer. This makes all the difference and the overall satisfaction is increased.

Relevance that helps you sell

Suggesting products to your customers based on their user experience, clicks, views and sales history means advising them as if you knew them.

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