Central Manager

Centralized catalogue management for optimal merchandising.
Central Manager
The main benefits
Tenfold agility
Unlike other solutions on the market that distribute your product catalog by country, Prediggo offers a centralized catalog management of your offer.
Easy Internationalization
Manage your merchandising country by country, or globally for all countries in 1 click. For our customers who sell around the world, we can also manage merchandising by currency to reduce the workload even further. With Prediggo, our customers can increase their internationalization capabilities without having to increase their internal resources.
Brick & Mortar Management

You can also manage your physical stores’ stock and prices in Prediggo. So it’s easy to include business KPIs, such as a store’s sales figures, when doing your merchandising for a specific point of sale.

If you have hundreds of stores, creating merchandising for each one can be tedious and extremely time-consuming. With Prediggo, you can group stores together in order to work on these units and thus gain agility; while keeping the option to work on a specific store.


Fast processing time

With the centralized catalog, you describe your products only once and send only the variations related to a country/sales offer/store. So there is no need to duplicate your entire catalogue. This drastically reduces flow generation times and use of your IT resources. The result? Your changes are online in record time. The result ? Your changes are online in record time.

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