Our Prices

All our pricing options are tailored to meet your real-life needs. Our pricing is scalable and based on accurate data. With us, you only pay for what you use.

Our Advantages

Very high availability.

Included in our standard licence, we offer hosting with an availability rate of 99.90%. For the most demanding customers, we can set up very high availability hosting offering guarantees of up to 99.96%. A benchmark for the rest of the market!


All our clients are installed on at least 2 servers located in 2 data centres at least 100 km apart. These 2 data centres are managed by different companies, guaranteeing service continuity even in the event of a total breakdown/failure of a hosting provider.

Quality & Reliability

All Prediggo source code is written in Switzerland by Prediggo employees. We perform more than 4,000 functional tests every evening to ensure software stability over time.


The Prediggo product is developed using the Scrum3 development method, in 2-week sprints. This agility allows us to respond quickly and transparently to your requests.


Prediggo is more than just an SaaS software publisher. We support you throughout your eMerchandising project, from implementation to operation of the tool, so you get the most out of it.


Prediggo is the eMerchandising solution used by top players in their industry, such as Intermarché and Visa. It is recommended by renowned agencies and firms such as Accenture Digital.

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