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Advanced Personalization

In eCommerce, the relevance of your offer is of vital importance. Prediggo helps you sell better and sell more by personalizing all aspects of your site. The result ? Soaring sales and a wealth of new opportunities.

Personalization is a must

In the face of new digital purchasing behaviours, improving efficiency is essential. Users now expect to be offered products or services that are appropriate to them. They are also much more likely to agree to disclose personal data in exchange for a better shopping experience.


of Internet users want to be assisted during their shopping experience


like buying brands that personalize their shopping experience


increase in conversion rates with personalization

Sell more with personalized recommendations

Knowing your customers’ preferences is a major advantage. Thanks to the Prediggo Recommendation Engine, at any time, you can offer your visitors a whole range of complementary products or relevant alternatives. It’s like having a personal advisor who knows your customers and can advise them effectively 24 hours a day. With Prediggo technology, you can set up your own assistant or let the Artificial Intelligence take care of your recommendations.

AI to boost your performance

Resulting from research by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, our Artificial Intelligence engine analyses your data and assists you with your decisions, customer profiling and product recommendations.

We are improving our algorithms all the time and innovating constantly in order to offer you the most reliable and effective solutions.

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Complete & powerful personalization algorithms

Resulting from over 10 years of research, the personalization algorithms developed by Prediggo offer the following advantages:

1) Performance

For us, performance is what determines the validity of a solution. Our personalization and recommendation algorithms, correctly implemented and configured, have made it possible to achieve a fourfold increase in sales.


MORE sales in Fully Automatic

2) Optimality

You don’t have to be Amazon or have decades’ worth of data to make the most of Prediggo. It has been demonstrated that our main personalization algorithm needs 5X less data than our competitors to perform equally well.

LESS data needed for the same performance

3) Relevance

Many algorithms are only based on sales, which requires a high volume of data and has some drawbacks. They tend to reduce the diversity of your assortment and nibble at the margins. Prediggo, on the other hand, seeks to maximize all your opportunities by cross-referencing behavioural data that are much broader than sales data alone.

Advanced graph technology

4) Completeness

Most personalization algorithms focus only on sales whereas Prediggo also analyses user journeys, clicks and views to build a more consistent behavioural profile of your visitors.


Your WHOLE site is analysed to target your users better .

5) Flexibility

Far from being a black box, Prediggo’s algorithm is transparent and can be directed by human action. For example, you can define your own business rules to achieve predictable results in line with your sales strategies.

Algorithms that reflect your needs

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