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The complete suite for your merchandising & ecommerce needs

Gain efficiency, relevance and productivity with our proven solutions.

Prediggo Features

Intelligent Search

Allow your users to find your products effortlessly.

Smart Navigation

Provide a unique and personalized user experience.

PIM Optimizer

Improve the quality of your data for better performance.

Central Catalog

Save valuable time with our internationalization tools.

Years of experience

Billion Monthly requests

Satisfied Customers


Trusted by leading brands.

An agile, efficient solution. A responsive, available and competent team.

Stéphane Smolarek

Responsable du site et des applications mobiles eCommerce alimentaire Drive, Intermarché

Equipe très disponible, à l’écoute et pédagogue et un outil véritable créateur de valeur ajoutée.


Antoine Delamarre

E-commerce product manage, Atlasformen

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