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The complete ecommerce suite
Born from scientific research in Artificial Intelligence, Prediggo offers powerful tools to increase your eCommerce sales and productivity.
Ai for Ecoommerce by Prediggo

Prediggo at a glance

A complete suite of tools that covers all your needs.

With Prediggo, it has never been easier and faster to create a quality user experience and bring your ecommerce site to life.

Prediggo Features

Intelligent Search

Allow your users to find your products effortlessly.

Smart Navigation

Provide a unique and personalized user experience.

PIM Optimizer

Improve the quality of your data for better performance.

Central Manager

Save valuable time with our internationalization tools.


All the tools to highlight your products & stimulate sells.

Advanced Personalisation

Provide a smooth and personalized shopping experience.

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Quick and easy integration

At Prediggo, we know you have no time to waste. That’s why our solutions adapt to your needs and integrate into your environment in record time.

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